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Rebuilding Digital Trust - Taiwan Presidential Election Media Verification & Preservation

In recent years, rampant disinformation and fake news have significantly eroded public trust in the news media. This problem has been exacerbated by social media algorithms that amplify natural human biases, resulting in increased division and polarization. New AI-driven tools are intensifying these polarizing effects.

Taiwan finds itself particularly in the crosshairs of misinformation campaigns due to its unique geopolitical and political context. The upcoming presidential election in Taiwan is not just significant locally, but it is also being seen by many as a microcosm of a global information war fueled by US-China geopolitical tensions.

In response to this challenge, Numbers Protocol has partnered with leading Taiwanese news media outlets, drawing inspiration from Starling Lab's '78 Days' concept. By leveraging blockchain technology, we're able to assign a unique digital identity to each image, making all data sources traceable and immutable. This innovation holds significant promise for boosting public confidence in media reporting.

The project is set to document key historical moments of the 2024 Taiwanese presidential election, covering 66 days from candidate registration to issuing certificates to the elected president, vice president, and lawmakers. We aim to ensure that every critical moment of this pivotal election is recorded accurately and authentically.

Starting November 20, 2023, as the presidential candidates begin their registration, we'll be equipping our news media partners with blockchain tools and technology to help them collect and document election-related images. Each image collected will be given a unique blockchain ID and securely stored using Starling Lab’s authentication technology.

These images will be continuously updated on our platform in real-time and, following the election, will be permanently archived on the Filecoin decentralized network. This strategy not only boosts our digital resilience but also ensures that these crucial images remain accessible and unaffected by external factors in the future.

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Not sure about the provenance of an image you stumbled upon on social media? Curious if there’s a similar image with verified provenance? 

Here’s how you can use AI for verification:

Want to capture election-related images with provenance details and be a part of history-making? 

Here's how you can create and contribute to the archive of election records.

*For more details, check out the Capture official website.

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